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Throwback to my early Real Estate career days, circa 1998.

Throwback to my early Real Estate career days, circa 1998.

Reared in North Louisiana, on the Louisiana State University Experiment Station, Hill Farm, I grew up around a lot of Science minded individuals that strived for excellence in the field of growing grasses, and the production of Beef and Dairy. While growing up in this atmosphere daily, I would ride my horse on the back roads and frequently be stopped by people lost, looking for a home. I can remember steering them on their way or saying "HEY follow me, I will show you the Old Smith place!" Today, as I sell Farm and Ranch Country Real Estate, I think, "Wow"! I Love what I do and I am at home doing it. Life is good. God is good.  

In 1984, I began my Real Estate Career in a market that was tuff and challenging. Shortly after my career began, our economy suffered from the shocking stock market crash known as "Black Monday", the worst economic time since "The Great Depression".

Oil Companies were laying off employees left and right and homes and properties across Texas were being foreclosed on. As a result of these times, Real Estate training and "standards of ethics"

“I love helping people with their Real Estate needs and know there’s a calling on my life to do so”.
— Bonnie Robertson, Texas Living


became very intense and professional, thus producing highly knowledgeable Real Estate professionals.  

As Lenders became overloaded with foreclosues, the government formed what was known as The Resolution Trust Corporation "RTC". They hired Independent Marketing Firms to market and sell at auction, foreclosed properties across Texas. It was during this time that I joined, as their marketing person, cataloging properties and flying from one major Texas city to the next, as their Closer at Real Estate Auctions, selling everything from gas stations to ranches.

As foreclosures ceased to exist and Real Estate returned to normal, I worked with Better Homes and Gardens, becoming one of the youngest Million Dollar Producers in Houston and surrounding areas.

In 2003, I formed Bonnie Robertson, Texas Living Real Estate in Centerville, Texas, bringing to the table knowledge of Hunting, Fishing, Commercial, Residential, Raw Land, Farm and Ranch Real Estate.

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I look forward to helping you and providing you with excellent service.  I'm always only a phone call, text, or email away.  Even if you're just in need of some free advice, I'm happy to answer your questions. 

Contact me today:                                                                      Phone: 979-204-8817 or Email: Bonnie@BRTexasLiving.com


Thinking about selling?    I welcome your questions.   I'm just a phone call away:   979-204-8817

Thinking about selling?  I welcome your questions. I'm just a phone call away: 979-204-8817

Buying made simple.   We'll be with you every step of the way!                            

Buying made simple.  We'll be with you every step of the way!